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Chickies Tasty Treats (4930 S Loop 289, #205) has become a sweet staple for me. If I need classy cookies for a party, a lovely box of chocolates for a special occasion, or just a treat because I deserve it, Chickies is always a reliable choice. Because the chocolates, macrons, cookies, cupcakes and more are always deliciously and artfully made. But also because "Chickie", that is, Stephanie, the proprietor and chocolatier is really cool.

She is constantly coming up with innovative designs and flavors. From unicorns to dinosaurs, and from Mario to Pokémon, she's always got something delightful in the candy case. So you just know she brought that same creativity and quality to the biggest candy holiday ever- Halloween.

Halloween candy is absolutely tiered for each of us. There's the top tier- snickers, starbursts, etc. The mid tier- smarties, plain M&Ms. And the crap tier- Whoppers. Oh, how I hate whoppers. However, if your looking for something even better than the top tier, Chickies chocolate bon bons are absolutely the executive tier of Halloween candy.

See for yourself:

Lubbock's Chickies Tasty Treats Is Halloween Candy, Elevated

Elevated Halloween treats from Lubbock's chocolatier- Chickies Tasty Treats

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