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Lubbock's Pure Water Ice & Tea Company is making a transition and all their local locations  are becoming a Tea2Go, except the store at 82nd near Iola, which is closed as of Sunday, May 17th, according to a team member.

We went out to see for ourselves, and the store was completely closed, although there was no closed sign out front. We're sad to lose this great convenient location.

Meanwhile, at the two remaining Pure Water Ice and Tea stores in Lubbock, an interesting transition is taking place. While the signage outside still reads Pure Water, the inside has made a significant change.

And the change is not immediately noticeable. As a matter of fact, when I walked into the 82nd and Indiana location, it looked just the same as always. But a closer look reveals something else entirely.

The team is wearing Tea2Go shirts, and the cups say Tea2Go. And when you pull the tap on your favorite tea flavor at the self-serve counter, yep, it's Tea2Go tea.

photo Jan M. Townsquare Media
Jan M., Townsquare Media Lubbock

We were told everything at the Pure Water Stores at 82nd and Indiana and at the Frankford and 4th Street store have been changed into Tea2Go.

Essentially, Pure Water no longer has a location here in Lubbock. Soon, signage will be up and the name change will be official.

We were told this transition had happened back in February, and they were just waiting for signage. So this is a very quiet transition indeed.

The two new Tea2Go stores will be the only Tea2Gos to have a water station.

The existing Tea2Go stores with their three Lubbock locations have been able to serve us at their drive-thru during the coronavirus pandemic, but they've just announced on social media that their lobby is now open for to-go orders only. Dining room seating is still closed, however.

We're certainly sad to see Pure Water Ice & Tea Company close here in Lubbock. We know Tea2Go will do a great job and help keep us hydrated and happy through these hot summer months.

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