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Tracy Moreno and the crew of Lawn Pros has done it again, giving Lubbock’s Smiling Bush a new look.

This time, the famous Lubbock shrubbery is wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume.

The new look, featuring an orange eye mask and nunchucks, is the likeness of the hero in a half-shell, Michelangelo.

The comic, made popular in the 80s, was one of the more famous hero squads which has evolved through the decades to entertain and inspire children across the globe.

Now, Michelangelo is inspiring residents of Lubbock as they drive by the intersection of 58th and Indiana.

Tracy Moreno has been donating his time and energy with Lawn Pros to decorate Lubbock’s Smiling Bush in order to bring joy, not only to drivers, but to the resident living at the home where the Smiling Bush is located as she battles cancer.

Way to go, Tracy and the crew of Lawn Pros. I think I’ll order a 99-cheese pizza and watch a movie, turtle-style!

Lubbock’s Smiling Bush As Michelangelo From 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'


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