There has been this big thing going on with this little 11 year old boy Sebastian singing the National Anthem at the Spurs and Heat Playoff games.

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If you haven’t heard, let me just fill you in a little bit…Sebastian sang at Game 3 of Spurs vs. Heat game and twitter was blowing up with horrible comments about him. Pretty much saying that he shouldn’t be singing it because they thought he was from Mexico. But if people would find out their facts first they would know that Mr. Cruz is born and raised in San Antonio and is a true Spurs fan inside and out.

Now me thinking, what is wrong with people these days…He is 11 years old, how are people going to attack this young boy for just singing the National Anthem. Me being Hispanic as well as him makes me think that there are still racist people out there. It shouldn’t matter the skin color…he’s doing a great thing.

When I saw Sebastian on America’s Got Talent I knew that we’d be seeing him soon. What’s crazy about this whole thing is, is he wasn’t suppose sing at first, they brought him in when Darius Rucker was stuck in traffic and I’d have to say that they made a great choice by getting Mr.Cruz in there. Don’t get me wrong though, I love me some Darius Rucker!

You did an awesome job Sebastian. From me and everybody here at Townsquare Media…Keep singing your heart out and strive for nothing but the best!

Check out this Video of what Young Sebastian had to say about all this twitter nonsense!

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