I've heard it said you should always look for the good in people so, after my rant about celebs, I went looking into celebrity good works. Surprise! There ARE some celebrities who do great work in the world! Unfortunately, as we all know, good is not always as newsworthy as lunacy.

In my search I found list after list of celebrity foundations and charities aimed to aid in everything from clean air to curing cancer.  Children and animal causes seemed to be high on the celebrity list of worthy causes too. One source sited as many as 2,447 celebs involved in over 1,600 charities. (Hmmm...you don't hear about that on TMZ or the nightly news.) There are multiple websites that list people like Betty White, Jennifer Anniston, Lawrence Fishburn, Paul Simon, Nick Jonas...just to name a few.

So I retract my statement about not having my name connected to the word "celebrity".  I'm sure it's much to the chagrin of some of them, but celebs are just like the rest of us regular Joes.  A few bad apples spoil the bunch. So call me what you will, but to quote another Brad Paisley song...."Cast me in any roll that I can make out with Ashley Judd!"

A personal note: Donovan McNabb and Mary Tyler Moore endorse the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. That's an organization I can get behind.