Tuesday on KFYO Mornings Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope joined Dave King and Matt Martin to discuss the previous night's city council meeting and the issues they covered including public safety, police substations, storm water, a new superintendent, retirement funding, the Tech Colosseum, and new hotels.

Mayor Pope discussed the council's decisions about public safety, saying, "we adopted the public safety recommendations and made a decision on how we're going to pay for them." He talked about the buildings included in this plan: 3 police substations, a smaller downtown administrative headquarters, a property warehouse and crime lab, and a new municipal court. They council voted to increase taxes through certificates of obligations to pay for these developments.

When asked about why Lubbock needed police substations, Pope had this to say, "I think its due to two things. One is our growth... Maybe as important or more important is we feel like we need to get our officers closer to homes, businesses, and neighborhoods. We have a property crime problem...that's something we need to address," he went on to say, "We've been talking about this as a community for 20+ years. I think we'll look back and believe it was a good decision."

Pope also spoke on plans for storm water, saying, "I'm not supportive of any further storm water projects. I think we've gone as far as we need to go."

Listen to the full interview with Mayor Dan Pope in the video above.

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