Texas Tech will be getting national letters of intent from commits all day today via fax because it's 2016 and that's the best way to do things.

We will update this post as needed.

The first 4 on this list DeQuan Bowman, Derrick Willies, Jett Duffey and Johnathan Picone, are already at Texas Tech and will participate in spring football. The rest of the list will join the team in the summer.

Along with Bowman and Willies, Mych Thomas joins the class from the JUCO ranks.

De'Quan Bowman - WR / Return Specialist

Bowman will be tasked to "replace" Jakeem Grant. Let's hope he creates a new standard at Texas Tech.

Derrick Willies - WR

Day one contributor. Big plays from big receiver.

Jett Duffey - QB

Hopefully a red shirt is in Duffey's future. In a perfect world Duffey get's all the time he needs to mature into a top level Big 12 QB before being thrust into the line up like Patrick Mahomes was.

Johnathan Picone - DB

Picone, who played OLB and DE in high school, is listed at DB here. This probably means he will be playing safety when he steps on the field for the Red Raiders. Run stuffing safeties are only going to help the Texas Tech run defense.

Damarcus Fields - DB

It's hard to say but every single freshman will have a chance for playing time on this defense. Every single one.

Bailey Smith - OL

With the offensive line needing a complete overhaul in 2016 I wouldn't be completely surprised to see a true freshman contribute eventually but only as part of a rotation. I think Kingsbury has done a great job at building a pipeline of offensive line talent at Texas Tech.

Clarence Henderson - DL

Lots of need along the defensive line. Henderson has a chance to be a day 1 contributor.

Jordyn Brooks - DB

Brooks is a big defensive back to cover big receivers, and there are a lot of big receivers in the Big 12. The hope is the defense has some breakout true freshman that lead a resurrection on the defensive side of the ball.

Da'Leon Ward - RB

It would be a great surprise if Ward sees the field as a true freshman. There is a logjam at RB right now that you hope the next starter will come from. If Ward is a contributor in 2016 something has gone very wrong in the Red Raider backfield.

Mychealon Thomas - DL

Thomas is a  JUCO product that will be expected to play, and contribute, immediately.

Travis Bruffy - OL

Same OL thoughts as before.

Giovanni Pancotti - OL


Brayden stringer - LB

There is a solid group of LBs that Stringer will be joining. If he can make an impact early it would really help this defense who has lacked at LB for several years.

Antoine Cox-Wesley - WR

6'5". Texas Tech did not have that last year and now they have Cox-Wesley and Vasher as true freshmen. Though every receiver on the team has a chance to be on the field, it might be Cox-Wesley that gets the redshirt.

Nick McCann - DL

I expect a deep rotation on the interior defensive line. McCann will have a shot at being late in that rotation.

Noah Jones - DL

Same as McCann here. Ample opportunity for these defensive linemen coming in.

Kevin Moore - DB

Douglas Coleman - DB

TJ Vasher - WR

Zach Adams - OL

Traditional wisdom says that Adams gets a redshirt.

Desmon Smith - DB

Ivory Jackson - DL

See McCann

Joe Wallace - DL

See Jackson.

Houston Miller - DL

Big time rush end. Recently moved to 4 star on several recruiting websites. If he can step up immediately for Texas Tech that would be huge.

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