The Milwaukee-based Beatallica's latest assault on the delicate sensibilities of Beatles fans arrives with their hilarious new Metallica-meets-the-Fab-Four mash-up 'Abbey Load.'

This latest effort, which combines Metallica's lyrics, riffs and a James Hetfield-esque growl with the Beatles' studio swan song, follows bruising earlier combinations like "The Thing That Should Not Let It Be," "Fuel on the Hill" and "And Justice for All My Loving."

Beatallica has issued some nine studio efforts since forming in 2001, avoiding legal troubles along the way by giving away their music. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has become such a fan that he's offered to pay the group's legal fees, should they become entangled in any future lawsuit.

'Abbey Load,' due on April 16 via Oglio Records, of course culminates with a medley of songs featuring both the Beatles' original "Carry That Weight" and elements of Metallica's 1996 album 'Load.' "The medley ... well, it's obviously one of the great, famous pieces of rock music," guitarist/vocalist Jaymz Lennfield says, via Blabbermouth. "We really enjoyed working in newer Metallica tunes."

Before taking on this album-length project, Beatallica previously reworked one of the more memorable tracks from 'Abbey Road," emerging with "Ktulu (He's So Heavy)."

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