The weird, odd, and fascinating stories about former Red Raider football head coach and current Washington State football coach Mike Leach just keep getting better.

Leach announced Wednesday he's considering teaching a seminar at Washington State University next semester.

Leach would be teaching the class with Senator Michael Bumgartner, who is a member of the Washington State Senate from the 6th District.

Okay, let's ask the question you're probably already asking yourself: What in the hell is "Insurgent Warfare & Football Strategy"? How do the these two coincide with each other?

Is the seminar going to be football scenarios like, it's 4th and 1 on the opponent's 12-yard line, down by 4, here's how you pick the right play to win the game? I'm assuming not, but I would like to learn what to do in that situation. I normally just "Ask Madden" for the play.

Leach could of just taken a simpler route and taught a Philosophy class, or something like Raising a Raccoon 1301. Either way, I'd be interested to know where you stand on it.

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