The internet is full of videos of people attempting the 'milk crate challenge', and few are making it out unscathed.

This challenge started on Facebook earlier this month, but now it is taking over other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Of course, in the true way of the internet, there are thousands of people trying it and posting videos of their attempts.

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The challenge consists of stacking milk crates like stairs going up and back down, then you try to keep your balance as you scale the crates to the top and back down again. As you can assume, once you get to the taller stacks, the crates get very wobbly and hard to stand on.

Out of the several videos I saw of people attempting this challenge, very few had any success. Most would come crashing down once they were almost to the top, and the landings definitely aren't graceful.

Many participants are landing on top of crates, on their back, or even on their heads in some cases. TikTok has deemed the challenge so dangerous that they are taking down videos of the challenge as well as removing '#milkcratechallenge' from their database and I have to side with TikTok on this one.

It is one thing for a grown adult to attempt something like this because they understand the harm they might be facing. However, I saw a couple of videos of children trying the challenge and that is where a line needs to be drawn.

I'm sure these kids decided to try it because they saw it online and thought it would be funny. Kids will see adults trying random things on the internet and they will want to recreate it. We don't need to be putting children at risk like this over a random trend.

In case you haven't seen the trend for yourself, here are a couple of videos:

Warning: The actions in these videos could result in serious injury.

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