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In the end, the damages were just too much to come back from.

Earlier in the week, we reported that the good people behind Moore Cajun Smokehouse food truck had suffered a huge setback to their business that put them on the brink of having to shut things down for good.

On Sunday, the couple found out about a major outage at their storage unit. The outage led to all the food being destroyed and their food truck was left in operable. Citizens attempted to rally around the food truck during the week and even started a GoFundMe page to help the couple with expenses:

We are devastated this morning to discover a major outage in our storage unit, destroying all of our refrigerated and frozen goods. Shorting a line and rendering the trailer inoperable. This month looks truly uncertain at a time when we were already struggling to keep going. This is likely the end of the road for us.

Over the last few days, the GoFundMe effort raised $1,900, and while that's a nice amount, the couple simply needed more to get things working again. On Thursday evening, Moore Cajun Smokehouse announced on Facebook that they were shutting down with hopes set on better days.

"The damages have been too much and the loss too great to re-coup from.
We’re beyond gutted, but more so, truly saddened for our Mahaya who we built this for, and who has been at our side every single step of the way," the Moores wrote on Facebook.

The couple added that when times aren't as tough, they'd like to open a place in Downtown Lubbock.

We wish the owners, Mitch and Kate, nothing but the best in the future and we hope to see them back in the future.

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