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A Lubbock family filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Jason White earlier in 2021, accusing him of sexually abusing their 2 children and using sexual photos of them to profit from a child pornography business.

Lubbock dentist Jason White is also charged for various crimes related to child porn on both a state and federal level and has been denied the ability to post bial.

A new affidavit for the civil lawsuit filed in court this week reveals new allegations that White's boyfriend, Bradley Thompson and his sister, Jeannine Rogers, may be trying to relocate many of White's assets to fake company.

The affidavit states that both Thompson and Rogers formed a company called JRBT Holdings, LLC on January 19, 2021, just 4 days after White was arrested by authorities and his business was raided by the FBI.

The lawsuit claims that Rogers and Thompson may be trying to route various assets through the LCC to essentially shield them from forfeiture if the family were to win their lawsuit against White.

Attorney Andrew Seger, who represents the family and others, is reportedly asking a judge to stop the transfer of assets into the new company, calling it a "misappropriation of assets."

According to Seger, this isn't the first time White has tried to protect his assets in a similar manner, citing one instance in which he transferred a house valued at $400,000 owned by one his LLC's into his own name in order to make a profit.

Jason White is currently scheduled to go to trial on November 1, 2021.

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