With the horrible tornadoes that hit Moore, Oklahoma The American Red Cross and Townsquare Media and Lubbock Area Schools are teaming up to raise money for the families and everybody who was affected by all of this.

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You say you want to help…Great, Here’s what you need to do…

Look around the house for spare change (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters)…in couch cushions, under tables, on the floor, pretty much anywhere and if you’re like me you have a hug jar that if filled with extra change you’ve been saving up for a long time. Bring all your change to your school. Its pretty simple and this is something that can really make a difference. The buckets will be at all Lubbock Area Schools and we’ve got until the last day of school to raise some money!

After the last day of school, Townsquare Media will collect all of the Home Depot Buckets from each school and donate it to The American Red Cross to help the relief effort in Oklahoma.

If you’d like to donate more to Moore by writing a check or sending a money order with your child to school-please make it payable to The American Red Cross and in the memo line please write “Disaster Relief Funds”