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Is it just me or are we seeing more and more incidents of road rage in Lubbock?

Since the start of the year in Lubbock, we've heard about a couple of shootings on the Marsha Sharp Freeway. Even dating back to 2021, there were numerous stories about road rage incidents playing out in across Lubbock. And now there's this story from our friends at KAMC.

Last Friday, a cyclist in Lubbock was punched by an angry driver. This apparently happened in the crosswalk near 34th and West Loop 289. The victim told Lubbock police that he was riding his bike when he came upon a vehicle in the crosswalk. According to the police report, the victim knocked on the vehicle's window to let the driver know that they were in the crosswalk. Apparently, that's when the fight started.

From KAMC's story:

According to the police report, the suspect then got out of the vehicle and began punching the victim in the face multiple times. After the assault, the suspect returned to the vehicle and drove off.

Officers on the scene said the victim had a swollen eye and was bleeding from his mouth and nose. The police report also said blood spatter was in the roadway and on the median where the victim was sitting when police arrived.

The victim was taken to University Medical Center for treatment.

Of course there was no need for this incident to have played out the way it did. The cyclist should have left the driver alone and the driver should have just driven away. Instead, the incident led to a fight for no reason at all.

Be smart, people. Don't shoot at people, and don't approach someone's vehicle for no reason at all.

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