In case you forgot, taxes are due Monday. And apparently most of us are fine donating one-third of our hard-earned income to the cause.

In a new poll by the Associated Press, 54% of Americans say that their taxes are either somewhat or very fair.

46% of people say their taxes are unfair.

Democrats were more likely than Republicans to say their taxes are fair. Women were more likely than men…whites were more likely than non-whites and people under 30 and over 65 were more likely than other adults.

And when it comes to trying to cut down the federal deficit, 29% of people say they'd be OK if the government RAISED TAXES to make that happen.

62% think the best strategy would be cutting government services.

Only 51% of people say they're expecting a tax refund this year. But according to the IRS, 87% of people have qualified for refunds so far this year.

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