We all know that the well of creativity in Hollywood has been BONE DRY for decades now. And we've gotten used to it. Remake after remake after reboot after re-imagining after sequel, we just sit here and take it.

Well, I can't take it anymore.  Because now they're messing with an American institution, and I'm not letting it stand.

Four years after the tragic death of Patrick Swayze, there's a "Road House" remake in the works.  All we know about it at this point is that it'll be directed by Rob Cohen, who did the original "Fast and the Furious".

Even though the original came out all the way back in 1989, this is obviously a 'Movie That Should Not Be Made' and here are the three reasons why:

1.  "Road House" is the only action movie to have inspired its own Christmas Carol.  That makes it SACRED.

2.  This isn't moviemaking, it's SKIMMING FROM THE TILL of our childhoods!

3.  The Swayze Mullet was simply too powerful and too perfect.  It cannot be duplicated, it cannot be outdone.  And neither should be attempted.