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Multiple children are in the hospital after a two-vehicle crash happened in North Lubbock on Wednesday, May 5th.

KAMC News reports that emergency crews responded to North University Avenue south of FM 1729 at around 7:50 a.m.

It's being reported by the Texas Department of Public Safety that a pickup truck that was pulling a trailer was stopped on the side of the road. When it starting pulling back onto the roadway, however, an SUV, which was carrying 5 children, was passing it.

Reports say that the SUV collided with the trailer, which caused the SUV to lose control and then roll several times before coming to a stop. Photos taken from the scene show the SUV turned onto its side. During all of this, a 14-year-old boy that was crossing the street at the time was struck, as well.

All 5 children that were inside the SUV were transported to University Medical Center for their injuries. Texas DPS says that none of the injuries the children sustained appeared to be very serious. The 14-year-old that was struck on the scene was also taken to University Medical Center with a broken leg.

It was not specified whether or not the driver of the SUV was injured at all, and the same goes for whether or not anyone in the pickup was injured.

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