Who doesn’t love a good pastry every now and then? Lubbock will soon be welcoming a new bakery called Nashwell Café.

The bakery is owned by Angela Nash-Blackwell, an Australian pastry chef. She moved to Lubbock in 2015 with her husband, who grew up here in Lubbock. After moving here, she worked as a pastry chef in the well-loved Lubbock restaurant, La Sirena. As friends began asking for birthday cake and other goodies, the Nashwell Bespoke Bakery was formed.

Along with making yummy-looking pastries, the Nashwell Café owner also makes sustainable clothing. Fashion was Nash-Blackwell's passion before baking, and she still has several pieces available for purchase that were made in Australia. I was a little thrown off when seeing the "fashion" tab on a bakery website, but it's really cool that she's able to combine her passions in this way.

They have an established storefront at 1212 Avenue K, but it's not open yet, and the official opening has yet to be announced. They are accepting orders through their website and have been doing various pop-ups at farmer's markets in Lubbock. They also provide delivery for those that choose to place an order on their website. However, they do mention that if an order is under $50, they might ask you to come to pick it up from their kitchen in North West Lubbock.

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Nashwell Café offers everything from cakes, pavlova, brownies, tarts, cookies and more. They also accommodate any dietary restrictions you may have, with vegan, keto, paleo and gluten-free options available. They can also customize most cakes and cookies to fit some of these needs upon request.

Everything on their menu looks delightful. The two items that I really want to try are the seasonal fruit tart and the lime and strawberry cake.

Check out their website for what else they currently have available, and keep an eye on their Facebook to see what pop-ups they're doing

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