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Unfortunately, Naturalizer Shoe Store in Lubbock's South Plains Mall has closed their doors permanently, according to the South Plains Mall office.

The sign on the front door is a very sad note. Apparently they were temporarily closed, holding out hope for reopening, but then simply scribbled out 'temporarily'  and wrote closed across the page, when they were closed for good.

On a more positive note, Naturalizer shoes can still be found here in Lubbock; the Dillard's at the mall carries them. So if you love shopping for their popular comfort and style, you can still shop in-store there, as well as online.

They share a wonderful message on their official website:


With everything that is going on in our world, we want to lean into the good and continue to be a place of inspiration. Beacuse optimism is at the core of everything we do and standing for women has always been our thing. Today We Will is a celebration of us all — the change-makers, the free thinkers, the ones who strive for better. It's a mantra encouraging positive actions that matter in our lives now more than ever. Sharing our collective voices to inspire tomorrow today.

This iconic brand has been around for almost 100 years, originating in 1927. They still have many stores open across the United States, including one you can visit the next time you're in the Dallas area. 

We're sad to lose our local Naturalizer store.

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