These are the Baby Yoda toys you’ve been looking for. On Good Morning Americabrand new The Mandalorian merchandise was revealed in advance of the New York Toy Fair, which takes place this weekend. The spread includes a life-like animatronic “The Child” doll by Hasbro, a talking plush by Mattel, a Funko Pop bobblehead, and a Baby Yoda necklace by RockLove. Take in the cuteness for yourself:

The complete list of new Mandalorian merch includes a life-size replica of the Darksaber, a LEGO StarWars Razor Crest set, and Mandalorian-themed versions of Operation and Trouble. For Clone Wars fans, there’s new action figures, made-to-order t-shirts, and a life-size Ahsoka Tano cardboard cutout.

Last Christmas, Mandalorian fans were baffled by the lack of merchandise inspired by The Child, Season 1’s breakout character. In an interview with Variety, show creator Jon Favreau said the withholding of Baby Yoda toys was a “creative decision” on Disney+’s part, because toy catalogs often spoil surprises in the show before they’ve aired. Now that Season 1 is complete, the time for Baby Yoda plushies has come. But before you get too excited, you should know that a good deal of the The Child merch won’t be available until later this spring. The animatronic doll seen in the video won’t be available until fall, around the time of The Mandalorian Season 2. Patience you must have, my young padawan.

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