#1.)  "Hall Pass"  (R)

Owen Wilson and "SNL's" Jason Sudeikis foolishly take the bait when their wives release them from their marriage vows for one week.  Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate play their wives. It's directed by the Farrelly Brothers, whose other movies include "There's Something About Mary", "Dumb and Dumber", "Kingpin" and "Shallow Hal".

(Check out the movie's bar crossing game HERE.  It's harder than it looks.  Getting to the bar to order drinks isn't too tough, but getting back without spilling them is almost impossible.)

#2.)  "Drive Angry"  (R)

Nicolas Cage plays a dead guy who escapes from Hell to go after the cult that killed his daughter and kidnapped her baby.  Amber Heard is the waitress who teams up with him to kick some butt.

#3.)  "The Bleeding"  (R)  (Limited)

A low-budget vampire flick starring some bald buff dude named Michael Matthias. The priest who recruits him to be a vampire slayer is played by Michael Madsen, who played the psychotic Mr. Blonde in "Reservoir Dogs". The rest of the cast includes DMX as a guy rescued from the vampires, and tattooed Kat Von D as one of the evil vamps.