A site map from Westar Commercial Realty seems to confirm a Braum's Ice Cream Shop is in Lubbock's future.

Lubbock in the Loop received the information and added it to the compiled "Coming Soon" section of their (super-useful) website. Apparently, Braum's in Lubbock will be located near a new Sonic Drive-In and a yet-claimed property on 128th St. and Indiana Ave. Check out the full image to get a better idea of where it may be.

Rumors of a Braum's in the Hub City have been going around for quite some time. Previously, it was believed that a Lubbock Braum's would either be on 98th St. or at 9th & University. (You can read our original article for a more in-depth look at Braum's and why it's so highly anticipated here in Lubbock.)


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