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United Supermarkets issued a press release on Wednesday, June 10th, to let the communities served by the grocer know that curbside wait times are expected to be reduced with new technology.

STREETside at United Supermarkets stores in Lubbock is getting a major upgrade, thanks to the company teaming up with Radius Networks to improve the curbside experience.

The press release from The United Family explains it all. It reads as follows:

(LUBBOCK, Texas) — United Supermarkets has partnered with Radius Networks to launch the use of new technology on June 2 which cuts the wait time for Lubbock STREETside guests to a matter of minutes.

As the demand for contactless options increase around the country, FlyBuy, the new location-based technology for STREETside pickup, will help United Supermarkets create their most efficient curbside experience yet.

Previously, guests would notify team members of their arrival to the store once they were in the parking lot. Now, guests can notify team members when they are on their way to the store, allowing team members to prepare their order for carryout in advance of their arrival.

“As you can imagine, we are currently working on all cylinders to service our in-store, curbside, and delivery guests,” said Chris Farr, director of ecommerce at United Supermarkets. “Being able to reduce the guest wait time by preparing their order before they arrive is a gamechanger.”

The real-time location updates create an efficient guest experience by enabling team members to prioritize orders based on guest arrival times. In turn, this allows them to deliver orders as soon as guests arrive in the STREETside pickup parking area.

This is great news for those who already are challenged to budget time in their schedule, and it also will help the stores to stay busy by allowing more STREETside pickups to happen in one day.

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