Facts: 1) Yes, Mike Leach spoke about Texas Tech owing him money at a recent press conference. 2) No, he has not started an internet "rally" outside the "Red Raider Stadium" to make Texas Tech pay him.

The news that ex-Texas Tech head football coach Mike Leach is still fuming about the school owing him money is true. However, unlike a silly internet meme going around, he has not tried to start a rally on campus to demand the school pays up. Here's that stupid meme as reposted by Bryan Mudd, our friend at KAMC:

As Bryan points out first, there is no such place as "Red Raider Stadium." And even though it's been years since he's been here, there's no way Coach Leach would forget where he worked for a decade. You just don't forget the name of the stadium you practically owned for years. That's the first clue that you know this is a hoax.

Secondly, Coach Leach isn't stupid. He would know that holding a rally on the Texas Tech campus would never have any effect on the university paying him what he feels he's owed. He's sued them in court and would do that again. He would not get a bunch of students, who weren't there when he was a coach, to march on their school's campus. That's just dumb.

So please remember that while everything you see on the internet must be true because it's the internet, you can use your brain online, too. I guarantee you're smarter than everybody on Facebook.

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