I know about 99 percent of west Texans are going to call total BS on this one. The website Wallethub, known for its lists of anything that they can get people to click on, has placed Lubbock at the bottom of the list of hardest-working American cities.

This list claims to rank the top 116 (random number) American cities in order of how hard-working the residents are. They used actual scientific facts, like how many people were employed in a city, how many hours they worked, how many vacation days they took, people with multiple jobs, and more. And out of these 116 cities, Lubbock landed at #112? OK, so these are far from scientific, but they do have some grains of truth to them.

Most Texas cities ranked fairly high, in the top 20-40 overall. I's like to think that this just means we work smarter, not harder, than everywhere else thank you.

Here is the ranking:

Source: WalletHub

What do you think? Is it fair to say that about Lubbock? Let us know in the comments.

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