This is the biggest Tech news this week. And people aren't happy about it. Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech's former crappy football coach, will be doing color commentary for the Houston game this weekend. But lots of people want to stop it.

Yes, there is actually a petition going around right now to have ESPN remove Tuberville from commenting on the Tech game in Houston. Tuberville was hired by ESPN back in July.

However after Tommy's less than stellar performance coaching our beloved Red Raiders, having to hear him be a commentator on our program, one he failed at miserably, is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Now I don't see ESPN making any changes, because they probably have much more pressing concerns than who is the color guy for 1 college game. But if it makes you feel like your voice will be heard then go ahead and sign the petition. Otherwise don't let this little man get you down, because he won't affect our players on the field. He hasn't had any effect on Kliff, that's for sure, Kliff is just going to coach football.

On a side note, for some reason I kept spelling Tommy's name as Tuber VILE, instead of Tuberville...oops.

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