Coach Morris is the lone hold over from the original Kliff Kingsbury staff at Texas Tech.

He started coaching with Kliff Kingsbury at Houston and except for one year apart the two have been together since. The two of them have built an incredible offensive resume and look to continue that under the on-field leadership of Nic Shimonek.

Shimonek is in line to replace Patrick Mahomes who carried the offense to new highs and went 10th overall in the NFL Draft, "I think it will look a little different." Morris said about the 2017 version of the Texas Tech offense, "We'll let Nic check a little more at the line."

Morris continued to praise Shimonek saying, "You don't see a lot of 5th year quarterbacks now." then he recalled one of the great Texas Tech quarterback who waited for his time to shine, "He's a lot like BJ Symons. He's not afraid to throw it downfield. He's got a lot of confidence in himself."

If Shimonek can be the kind of player that Symons was I think everyone in Lubbock will be very happy.

Shimonek has been in this offense three years already. He knows it inside and out and it's believed that there will be no step back in the passing attack this year, but the running game, which was lacking last season will be a, "point of emphasis." Morris continued, "All these championship teams have good running games."

Morris also praised the job that Coach Brandon Jones and Jabbar Juluke have done tweaking the run game, something they hope will take their offense to the next level.

Coach Morris also talked about how Shimonek has brought this team together by organizing off the field activities, "This summer has been the best summer since I've been here. The chemistry is as good as it's been in five years."

When speaking on Kliff Kingsbury taking a larger role in the defense and how that affects his offensive responsibilities he said, "I'm very grateful for him trusting this responsibility to me." Morris continued, "It's been good to be a voice in front of the offense."

The most experienced piece of the Texas Tech offense this season will be the wide recievers, "The one thing you can't replace is experience and our wideouts have a ton of it." Morris said of his receiving corps.

2017 Texas Tech Media Day Interviews

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