Not good news for folks who have their dogs here.

Trying to find someone to watch your pet can be a stressful thing. You hope they're doing everything they can for your four legged friend. Up in Tulsa, Paws and Pearls is in some hot water right now with some videos that have gone viral.

The first video above is of an employee grabbing a dog by its hind legs and dragging them out of the play area. From the statement the dog care facility released they said this video is actually from December of 2020. "We reprimanded our personnel and ensured this employee completed a dog handling course with accredited certification. No additional incidents occurred in 2021, however, this person was recently released from our employment – for a private personnel issue and totally unrelated to any care of the dogs. "

Another video has also gone viral from the same facility. A pair of employees got into a fist fight in the middle of the play area.

A comment from the organization on this fight said the two employees involved were terminated the same day this happened. A lot of folks appear to be upset that the person who picked up the dog by its back legs was allowed to remain on staff.

Some of the folks on the page claim they're taking their dogs elsewhere, others are coming to the defense saying their dogs have had no issues whatsoever at the facility. We will see what the future holds for this business in Oklahoma.

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