This week's heavy rains across Texas have caused major damage to part of one of the oldest, and longest, highways in the state.

On Thursday afternoon, a section of SH 6 washed away after high water from Lake Cisco washed over the Cisco Dam.  The rushing water destroyed the bridge over Sandy Creek, which is located 4 miles north of Cisco.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, motorists will prevented from using SH 6 between Cisco and Albany because the bridge that was destroyed was the only SH 6 crossing over Sandy Creek.

Until a new bridge can be constructed for the section of SH 6 over Sandy Creek, the following detours will need to be used:

Driving from Cisco to Albany, approaching from the east: North on US 183 from Cisco to Breckenridge (26 miles), then West on US 180 from Breckenridge to Albany (25 miles).

Driving from Cisco to Albany, approaching from the south: Drive West on Interstate 20 from Cisco to Baird (25 miles), then drive north on US 283 from Baird to Albany (26 miles).

SH 6 is 476 miles long, running from the Texas-Oklahoma border on the Red River, near Quanah, going southeast, eventually passing through Waco and then continuing to the suburbs of Houston.

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