Paul McCartney is dropping hints about something related to the number three.

If fans are reading them correctly, it seems the former Beatle is about to announce his third solo album, following 1970's McCartney and 1980's McCartney II.

Several days ago, fans listening to those two one-man-band albums on Spotify were treated to a video teaser showing a rolling dice landing on the number three. You can see the animation from Twitter below.

Earlier today, McCartney tweeted three photos: one featuring three mushrooms, one of three flowers and one that included a single rose. Each was accompanied by the image of three dice with numbers adding up to three.

McCartney's first solo album, which featured the song "Maybe I'm Amazed," effectively ended the Beatles; a decade later, the keyboard-heavy McCartney II did the same for Wings.

Overall, he's released 25 studio albums since the Beatles broke up, most recently 2018's Egypt Station. But apart from backing vocals by late wife Linda, McCartney and McCartney II feature the star handling all the singing and instruments by himself.

If he has recorded another album in this manner, it's most likely because of the COVID-19 lockdown. "I feel dreadfully sorry for all those who are less fortunate and obviously all those who have lost loved ones, but I’ve been lucky," McCartney told GQ in an August interview. "I’ve been able to write and get into music, starting songs, finishing songs. I’ve had a few little things to write and it’s given me the time to finish some songs that I hadn’t found the time to get around to, you know?"


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