The next time you feel like listening to ‘Spies Like Us,’ ‘Silly Love Songs,’ or ‘Biker Like an Icon,’ you won’t be able to turn to your favorite streaming service. Thanks to a removal order recently issued by the Universal and Concord Music Groups, all Wings and Paul McCartney solo albums have been pulled from the digital shelves of Spotify, MOG, Rdio, and anybody else who charges a monthly fee for listening to music you don’t actually own.

The development — which seems timed to coincide with the unique arrangement between McCartney and iTunes, where he recently offered a free stream of a concert promoting his new album ‘Kisses on the Bottom’ — is being reported by Digital Music News.

DMN reached out to the popular streaming service Rhapsody for comment, and a representative admitted they were “shocked” by the pull order, saying, “Rhapsody members have enjoyed streaming Mr. McCartney’s music for more than four years and are sure to be very disappointed to find that it has been restricted…Rhapsody has generated significant revenue for Mr. McCartney, his label and his publisher over the years, and has provided a compelling alternative to piracy.”

Be that as it may, a long list of albums are now download-only. Take a look (courtesy Digital Music News):

Paul McCartney:

‘All the Best’

‘Driving Rain’

‘Flaming Pie’

‘McCartney II’

‘Off the Ground’

‘Paul Is Live’

‘Run Devil Run’

‘Tripping the Live Fantastic’

‘Tripping the Live Fantastic Highlights!’

‘Tug of War’

‘Unplugged – The Official Soundtrack’



‘Back to the Egg’

‘London Town’

‘Wings Over America’

‘Wings at the Speed of Sound’

Paul McCartney & Wings:

‘Red Rose Speedway’