This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's ever driven in Lubbock. It's not your imagination...we really ARE bad drivers  Turns out, we're not even CLOSE to the worst in the country though!

Allstate Insurance just released their 10th annual Best Drivers Report. They rank the 200 biggest cities in the U.S. based on the average number of years drivers go between accidents.And three of the four WORST cities are in Massachusetts.

Here are the ten WORST cities...

1.  Worcester, Massachusetts

2.  Boston, Massachusetts

3.  Washington, D.C.

4.  Springfield, Massachusetts

5.  Providence, Rhode Island

6.  Baltimore, Maryland

7.  Glendale, California

8.  Alexandria, Virginia

9.  Philadelphia

10.  New Haven, Connecticut

On the other end of the scale, Fort Collins, Colorado has the SAFEST drivers in the country. Here are the ten safest cities.

1.  Fort Collins, Colorado

2. Brownsville, Texas

3.  Boise, Idaho

4. Kansas City, Kansas

5. Huntsville, Alabama

6. Montgomery, Alabama

7.  Visalia, California

8.  Laredo, Texas

9.  Madison, Wisconsin

10.  Olathe, Kansas

(Bloomberg / Allstate

(You can see the rankings for all 200 cities here.)

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