After 50 years together, it seems safe to say that Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend make a pretty good team. Now, the surviving Who co-founders are reportedly putting their creative chemistry to work on a new television series.

According to ABC News Radio, the duo are in talks to join 'Con Air' director Simon West behind the scenes of 'Mods and Rockers,' a U.K. production focusing on the London music scene of the mid-'60s" -- a sound decision on West's part, given that Daltrey and Townshend have plenty of first-hand knowledge of the subject.

Saying the show would take place in the same "kind of world" as the Who's 'Quadrophenia,' West is quoted as saying, "I’d like to ... shoot all episodes of a series in one go, back to back, then split them up. That way I would get control over the look and essence of the piece from top to bottom." Neither Daltrey nor Townshend appear to have commented publicly on these negotiations, but West claims to have attracted interest from "major broadcasters" and "established production companies."

"It will also cover the rockers side of the story and spills out into the wider world of swinging '60s London, taking in gangsters, music and fashion," promised West. "The two tribes will be at the heart of it."

Daltrey and Townshend would presumably need to schedule their 'Mods and Rockers' commitments around work on a list of ongoing projects that includes Townshend's 'Floss' musical as well as a possible new Who LP. "I'm trying to [look] through my 20,000 hours of complete and utter disorganized music [to find possible songs]," Townshend told Billboard in April, adding that songs from 'Floss' could work their way into the album. "It might be a big waste of time, but I'm hoping there will be an album."

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