Looking out the window again here in The City Of Gritty Air, we see that the winds have picked up and the sky has again turned the color of plywood.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

God Bless America.

With the fact that again, we sit in the middle of the world's biggest litter box, perhaps we need not deride our misfortune, and instead embrace it. Finding a way to forever honor our dusty heritage.

Enter: Crayola.

Image: Crayola.com
Image: Crayola.com

Perusing the various shades of "Brown", there are several options that closely resemble the hue that our skies take on when the wind speed reaches over 20 MPH. We settled on one that seems quite close to our particular shade: "DESERT SAND".

Now, that seems ambiguous. It could be any desert that they refer to, but not every city affords people the opportunity to repaint their car every 6 weeks. In that regard, we feel that the crayon should be, ahem, rebranded as "LUBBOCK DUST".

Catchy name, and on brand for our fair city.

So now, how to convince the nameless, faceless executives at Crayola to consider a move like this? Simple, we go Full Karen and create a petition.

Change.org. Rename "DESERT SAND" TO "LUBBOCK DUST".

Yep, we started an online petition, because we know just how effective those can be. They rarely fail to garner the attention that they crave...said no one ever.

Is this a futile and stupid gesture being done on Lubbock's part? Then we're just the guys to do it. Stand Up! Make your voice heard! This is only the beginning! With the power of the people, Lubbock can be immortalized in the only way that makes sense...by allowing your kids to draw a perfect Lubbock skyline scene...

Sign our petition today, before we get bored and complain about something else.

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