If Phil Rudd is troubled by the charges awaiting him when he returns to court on Nov. 27, he's doing a commendable job of hiding it.

The Daily Mail reports that Rudd was recently spotted outside his home in Tauranga, New Zealand, seeming "relaxed and at ease while he smiled and talked to residents walking past" -- not exactly what we'd probably feel like doing if we were facing seven years in jail, but the AC/DC drummer is clearly made from sterner stuff than we are.

In addition to chatting up passersby, Rudd was spotted playing guitar while hanging out with an acquaintance (who was sporting an AC/DC hoodie) before heading inside with a toy remote-control helicopter. As you can see in the photos posted by the Daily Mail, he does indeed look "relaxed and at ease."

As previously reported, Rudd stands accused of a long list of surprising things, from drug possession and death threats to things of a far more personal nature. His longtime bandmates in AC/DC don't appear to have much patience for all this, either -- they've already gone on record as saying he'd been acting strangely during the recording of their new 'Rock or Bust' LP, and made it clear they're ready to move on without him.

If he does lose his AC/DC gig, Rudd still has his solo career to tend to -- provided, that is, that he manages to escape the rest of the charges he's facing. We'll find out more when he returns to court in a few days' time.

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