If God wants to get our attention in the form of food, he should appear on a pizza or floating in gravy. I'm not sure how many people he can reach with vegetables. Especially BAD vegetables.

Jermarcus Brady of Baton Rouge, Louisiana works as a chef at an Italian restaurant called Gino's. And he was cutting an EGGPLANT in half on Monday and was shocked...when he found God inside.

Literally. The seeds inside spelled the word "God" in capital letters. And while we're usually cynical, it's really true...in the photo of the eggplant, it 100% says "GOD" inside.

Jermarcus says, quote, "I don't know what it means. All I know is it tells me, 'Hey, he's real,' and there's nothing that can change my mind about that."

(Here's a photo of the eggplant.)