The police, fire department, and mayor's office in Arlington, Texas teamed up to give a leukemia patient a VERY cool wish.

Seven-year-old Kye told the charity A Wish With Wings that his one wish was to, quote, "be Batman".

So, on Saturday, police gave Kye a Batman costume and teamed him up with an officer dressed in an adult Batman costume.

Other police officers and firemen helped stage a bank robbery by the Joker, and a city hall bombing by the Riddler, and Kye helped foil both. At the end of the day, he was presented with a key to the city.


Here's Kye in action:

(The Joker shows up at :40, the Riddler shows up at 2:15, mini-Robin shows up at 3:08, and Kye gets the key to the city at 5:48. Some of it is awkward, but you know that kid was psyched.)