You may recall our previous article regarding the heartbreaking news that a 15-year old Houston teen was shot 22 times and killed the evening of January 11 while out walking the family dog, 'Peanut.' You can get caught up on the story here.

Here's a brief recap from that article posted about the shooting that occurred last week in Houston, Texas.

The family told investigators that they became concerned when they heard the gunshots outside. They called her phone and received no answer. But then they opened the door and noticed the family dog returned home after the walk. But their daughter didn't.

Her family found her body in a field. The girl's mother tried to resuscitate her daughter using CPR. But it was too late and she died.

Houston Police heard "a dark-colored vehicle that was seen traveling north on Markwood could have possibly been involved in the shooting. They are looking in the area to see if there is any surveillance video nearby."

Then on January 18, Frank Deleon, Jr. was arrested for the murder of Diamond Alvarez. He is out on bond and currently under house arrest.

The 17-year-old ex-boyfriend of a shooting victim, Diamond Alvarez of Houston, was arrested by the Houston Police Department for her murder, though he is now out on bond.

When Frank Deleon, Jr was arrested, police noticed he'd packed more than an overnight bag and looked as if he might be planning to leave town. Here's more context from the HPD on the circumstances leading up to the shooting:

Here's the statement shared by the Houston Police Department yesterday on Twitter:

Part of his bond agreement requires that Deleon have ZERO contact with the Alvarez Family or anyone involved in the case--including the "new girlfriend."

Though he is out on bond, if he leaves his parents' home, it will be revoked. He is set to re-appear in court on March 9. 

Also, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help with funeral costs for Diamond Alvarez. 

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