We are still in the middle of October and I am sure that many of you have just been enjoying the pumpkin patches, apple picking, hay rides and corn maze. There is one thing that I haven't done in years and found out that it's supposed to be done near the end of the month and that's pumpkin carving. Many people usually go to the store for their pumpkins or a pumpkin patch and take them home with some sort of idea of how to carve their gourds.

There are now some viral hacks going around the internet about how to utilize your time better and make dealing with the great pumpkin even easier. One viral hack going around is to get a pumpkin and make some scratches and cuts into the thick skin where you want its features to go. After this is all said and done you take the pumpkin to a chicken coop with chickens and let them peck out the design to give it an eerie look of being pecked by crows. If that approach is just a bit too lazy then TikTok account brunchwithbabs gives few easy tips.

Babs first tip is to sit with the pumpkin stem side down in your lap so that you can carve it from the bottom. This is definitely different from the usual process of carving the top of the pumpkin so that you can easily place the candle inside but this way is said to be easier as you can place the pumpkin over the candle. The next tip is to use a cake mixer to get all of those pumpkin stringy guts loose and ready to be harvested. This cake mixer hack seems to be genius since you can use that same mixer to shred chicken.

Babs takes it back to basics when coming up with how to make sure your pumpkin design comes out perfect. I would use Sharpie markers growing up to make sure the design would stay buy Babs suggest using a dry erase red marker, red because when you draw into those pumpkin nooks and are not able to reach them when cleaning off the excess marks they can blend in easier to the pumpkin orange color. The next hack is just pure genius as Babs using cookie cutters to help get some clean and precise eye holes for her pumpkin. She does suggest using a rubber mallet because a hammer could probably just break the whole pumpkin.

Babs final recommendation really blew my mind because she suggests using Vaseline on every cut made to the pumpkin to help retain moisture and keep it looking fresher for longer. Try out all of Babs suggested tips or be like me and just give your chickens the scratched pumpkin and let them do all the work for this Halloween season.

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