I can't believe I have to even remind people of this. Then again, we do live in Lubbock, with some of the worst drivers in the country. And if you don't pull over for emergency vehicles, then you are part of the problem!

This happened to me twice just last week. As I was driving, I came upon an accident at 4th and Quaker. It was bad, too -- one car was upside down. Thankfully, I don't think there were many serious injuries and I can't find reports of any. But as drove west on 4th Street away from the scene, the emergency vehicles, two fire trucks at first, were making their way there to do their jobs. Then, later on there was an ambulance and a police car. All four of these vehicles had their lights and sirens on, and came from the same direction on the same street, and all within maybe 30 seconds of each other.

Here's why I'm mad. As I saw the first fire truck coming, I began to pull to the right. It was maybe half a mile from me, so there was plenty of distance between us. But that's when you pull over. As soon as you see the lights and sirens, pull over! You don't know where they are going, and all you need to be concerned with is staying out of their way. So pull over until they have passed you or they turn off your street.

As the second fire truck was seen, I AGAIN pulled over, because that's the law. Some other drivers who saw the first fire truck drive past them just stayed where they were and kept driving, even in the far left lane of the road. Just because you may think you know where the emergency vehicles are going doesn't change the laws. You still have to pull over each and every time BEFORE the vehicle is anywhere near your car, and stay pulled over until they are completely past you.

If it was someone in your family that was injured and waiting on emergency help, how would you feel if you knew the EMTs and firemen needed a couple extra minutes because someone was to dumb or selfish to get out of their way?

So, the next time you see or hear those lights and sirens, pull over until you know for a fact they are past you and it's safe to drive again.

Come on, Lubbock! You claim to support our first responders so much, then you treat them like this without using basic driving decency? Get better!

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