As a defensive back for UT in 2014, Quandre Diggs knocked Pat Mahomes out of the contest. Texas went on to win the game 34-13 after shutting down backup Vincent Testeverde.

Since 2014, Diggs has been drafted by the Detroit Lions and has played a considerable role on a revived defense since week 4. But it seems like he's still living in the past when he relived his greatest accomplishment last night on Twitter.

Kansas State v Texas Tech
Getty Images / John Weast

Referring to Mahomes' signature flex pose, Diggs wanted everyone to remember that he knocked out a true freshman QB with a helmet to helmet hit. He was also upset that his Longhorns were all getting treatment on the sidelines and Texas Tech was on its way to putting Texas out of bowl contention.

Texas Tech won the 2015 affair 48-45 on the backs of DeAndre Washington and Jakeem Grant and in spite of Chris Warren running through over and around the Texas Tech defense.

Mahomes didn't respond directly to Diggs on Twitter, but the tweet below was aimed at the man who concussed him last year.

After the online row, either Diggs realized how petty he was being or someone else told him.

He tweeted a couple messages that came as close to being an apology as the Longhorns came to beating Texas Tech on Thanksgiving.

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