Two years ago, Elvis Presley held the record for most songs to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.  He had 108 songs make it...and that's seriously impressive.

Since then, he's been passed twice...and in the CIRCUS of the digital age, the record doesn't seem to mean as much anymore.  Why?

This week, Lil Wayne eclipsed Elvis' mark by landing his 109th song on the chart.  But only 42 of those (or 39%) are HIS songs.  The other 67 (or 61%) are songs that Wayne merely makes a guest appearance on.

But Wayne isn't the overall Hot 100 record-holder.

Last year, the cast of "Glee" surged past Elvis.  These are the songs that are released digitally after each episode and routinely drop out of the Hot 100 a week after they're released.  Of course, that counts, too.

"Glee" currently leads everyone with 204 entries on the Hot 100.

So Elvis held the record for 52 YEARS, and then the Internet came along.  If you stick with LEGITIMATE entries Elvis' 108 is followed by James Brown's 91, Ray Charles'74 and Aretha Franklin has 73.