Last Sunday I woke up to over a dozen missed calls from some of my closest friends. I knew immediately that something was horribly wrong. I immediately called one of them back and heard one of the most shocking sentences I've heard in my life: a cracking and tearful voice of one of my best friends saying 'Zach's dead.'

'What? How? When? He's just a KID!' I was in absolute shock. Everybody was.

Here's a link to his obituary

Zach Henson was one of the most fun-loving and enjoyable guys you could ever hope to know. He stood up for his friends with vigor, enjoyed the 'occasional' cocktail, loved golf and could belt out a great version of 'Baby's Got Her Bluejeans On' at karaoke night. He was also a proud Louisianan...who just happened to love Texas maybe just as much.

Zach was an Eagle Scout and a professional golf caddie. He was also a Tech alum and a regular at our tailgate parties. I may miss tailgating with my buddy the most.

See you on the other side 'Zachus-Aurelius'.

And from our group of friends, here’s a toast to you Zach…(Stolen from Amy)

When I dream of Heaven
I dream of the past
Laughing with Zach
And raising a glass