Not everyone enjoys your traditional Thanksgiving dinner. You have those who can't travel home to be with their families, those who hate to cook and the rare non turkey lover. There are plenty of substitutes for those who don't have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Many restaurants will be open for an alternative Turkey Day dinner. Here is the rundown of our five favorite restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving Day in Lubbock.

  • Anatanith, Flickr
    Anatanith, Flickr


    IHOP will be serving their full menu on Thanksgiving Day. You can enjoy a big stack of pancakes, a plate of crepes or their fantastic dinner menu instead of the traditional Turkey and stuffing combo. IHOP will have their hands full though as they are usually one of the busiest places to eat on Thanksgiving here in Lubbock.

  • Bradleygee, Flickr
    Bradleygee, Flickr

    Golden Corral

    Get a wide variety of food at the Golden Corral on Thanksgiving Day 2011 here in Lubbock. They'll have their doors open to hungry eaters across the South Plains and in the city of Lubbock. If you want Turkey then you're in luck. The Golden Corral usually has the full Thanksgiving spread along with plenty of desserts to go around. Like IHOP, Golden Corral will be busy.

  • Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images


    Applebee's, with two locations in Lubbock, will be open this year on Thanksgiving Day serving up great plates for both lunch and dinner. You can get your favorites or try something new this year on Thanksgiving by heading to either location and getting there early. Not many restaurants stay open for Thanksgiving but the one's that do get busy.

  • Baekken, Flickr
    Baekken, Flickr


    It always seems like you can get a Thanksgiving dinner year round at Furr's. They, like Golden Corral, will have a giant selection of Thanksgiving food to go along with their regular menu items. You can also enjoy some fantastic desserts and a staff eager to serve you for this year's Thanksgiving Dinner. No matter what time you get there, both Furr's location will be busy so enjoy the smells of Thanksgiving while you wait with the fine folks of Lubbock.


    Overton Hotel

    The Overton Hotel always takes care of the citizens of Lubbock on Thanksgiving Day. They have a big Thanksgiving Dinner with gourmet foods and you can eat until you pop. Make sure you make arrangements to go early and tables always sell quickly and sell out. There's plenty of room but not enough tables in the world to enjoy the fine food selection they'll offer from the Overton Hotel.

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