Comedian Rodney Carrington brought his "Here Comes the Truth" tour to Lubbock Saturday (Jan. 24) and didn't shy away from tackling some serious topics, including life, death and love. He also made a lot of people laugh really hard.

The Longview, Texas native performed a raucous set full of his raunchy humor to a packed City Bank Auditorium near the Texas Tech University campus. But it was Carrington's story about a health scare that really resonated with audience members.

The comedian recalled how he had woken up one morning feeling a weird pain in his back. It got more and more painful, he explained, until he was collapsed on the floor. He called 9-1-1 for medical attention which eventually came, but not without providing him with some hilarious fodder for his act.

Carrington closed his set with a few songs, including a rousing performance of "Show Them to Me" that got a few attendees involved.

Check out the many faces of Rodney Carrington below in a photo gallery from his Lubbock, Texas show.

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