Roger Daltrey from The Who just turned 70 years old on Saturday, and he's been a rock star for about 50 years. Somewhere along the line, however, he stopped acting like one.

In a recent interview, Roger said he hates watching TV because there's never anything instead, his favorite pastimes include model trains and listening to the radio.

He said, quote, "The great thing about model railways is you can be doing a bit of woodwork, a bit of painting, a bit of this, a bit of that, and having fun with your mates and you can listen to the radio."

But Roger and his buddies don't just stick with their own model trains...they're trying to start a "model railway museum" in the U.K. He says, quote, "Britain forgets that we invented the railway, and it conquered the world.

"The railway was the first thing to open up the world in a big way for trade. We invented it, and we should be proud of that. [And] the model-making side of it, it's enormous."

You can find audio, here.  Skip to the 13:45 mark.