Fans of ‘Parks & Recreation‘ know that Ron Swanson has shaved off his mustache. But what seemed like a tragedy at the time may end up benefiting pediatric cancer patients.

Nick Offerman, who plays TV’s manliest lover of breakfast meat, had lost the lip sweater in an episode of the sitcom earlier this year when his Swanson character chopped off his signature facial hair at the behest of his ex-wife.

Offerman described shaving Swanson’s ‘stache as “sacrilegious” and admitted he initially struggled to read his lines with a smooth upper lip. However once he reoriented himself to a world without his illustrious mustache staring back at him in the mirror he decided to use the sad loss the make the world a better place.

So he reportedly had the shorn hair follicles re-constructed and then glued onto a mold of his face. Now he is auctioning off the ‘stache,’ with the proceeds going to the pediatric cancer charity Because of Ezra.

“My mustache and I are tickled pink to have the opportunity to help raise some funds for this great charity,” Offerman told New York Magazine’s Vulture. “My mature bush is also available by private auction, but only serious bidders (Zuckerberg or Romney) need apply.”

Bidding on Ron Swanson’s pubic hair starts at zero dollars.

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