Right now, Awesome 98 is giving away NES Classic Edition game systems. The small ones that have 30 Nintendo games on them and fit in your hand. How, you ask? I'll tell you.

Listen for Mario, you know from Super Mario Bros., to pop up on the air on Awesome 98. (He says something like "hey, it's-a me, Mario!") Then, be the 25th caller to 806-770-5665 and you win.

So what do you win? You win this!


Thanks to our friends at 806 Games and Diamond J Roofing for helping us hook you up with a now-discontinued game system. That's right! It's already been discontinued, so there are no more! Even if you don't game, you can keep this bad boy for a few years and sell it for eleventy million dollars on eBay soon.

Here's a random YouTube guy's review of it, which probably doesn't matter to you because you should want to win this no matter what. If you don't, then try to win and give it to me!

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