A recent video from somewhere in Texas shows three people drop their dogs off near a field, then just drive away and leave them there. They abandoned their pets because they're too lazy and useless to be decent humans.

These people are the lowest form of scum I can think of. They are right there at the bottom with murderers as far as I'm concerned. They're being recorded while they leave their dogs, four of them, to fend for themselves at a dead end road.

And even though the lady filming them is telling them exactly where they can take the dogs so they won't be abandoned, these a-holes do it anyway! I honestly despise people like this. Why did they have 4 dogs if they weren't going to take care of them for life? And even if they've hit hard times they could at least take the animals somewhere where they would be looked after and cared for, and not just abandoned in the middle of nowhere! People suck so bad.

If you ever see anyone doing this make sure you get their license plate info and call the police or at least the city and report them. They deserve to be in jail for doing this to these animals.

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