Lubbock definitely got some crazy weather yesterday. It's hard to complain about the rain and the flooding after having such a dry summer. We all know what to expect around these parts. It dumps rain on us mercilessly until we nearly float away, and then we dry out for what feels like an eternity until it happens again.

Some areas in town had some pretty intense flooding. Hopefully, your vehicle made it through the storm. I was driving in from Post during most of it and the lightning show was epic.

Chief Meteorologist Jacob Riley from KLBK posted a video submitted by Melissa Benitez from a security camera of some wild lightning on 31st street. The lightning hits a tree and bark flies off onto the white van. Pretty intense. Check it out below:

A few months ago, lightning actually struck an electric pole next to my house and it caught on fire. I was inside watching Netflix and didn't even notice until I heard the fire department out there putting out the flames. Scary stuff. Lightning has always kind of freaked me out because it seems so unpredictable.

The CDC reports that the odds of actually being struck by lightning are less than one in a million. That kind of puts me at ease, but when you see a video like this or experience it at home, it certainly doesn't sit well.

Here's to hoping you made it out of the storm alright, and that we continue to get some of that sweet, sweet rain.

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